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This is a page where I publish photoshoots and photos I like to take; often, but not necessarily, related to my musical projects. For press photos please refer to my press packs page, or download the folder directly here.
Rock'n'Roll Heart - from the Nobody's Husband, Nobody's Dad album cover's photoshoot

This was me and that masterpiece of a human being which is Benni (aka Alessandro Parlante), spending two days having a lot of fun on the hills surrounding my hometown, while taking pictures for the cover of my solo percussion album Nobody’s Husband, Nobody’s Dad. Some of these photos are the ones which ended up on the final packaging, some not. We took, of course, many more. I had very strong ideas about the whole concept framing this particular album, most of which don’t need to be expressed in any other way than what is shown on the album itself. The music, the titles, the setting of the photos and my choice of outfit; all are elements of an organic whole that intends to be a self portrait: a depiction of what is most essential and deep in my persona; the undergrowth from which everything that I am emerges. As with everything vital, the associations and the analogies are more important than any one single element they emerge from. Only one element of this construction didn’t make it to the final packaging; something which I would neverheless still like to attach to this self portrait. This has now found its place in the captions of this small selection of photos. I hope you’ll enjoy the associations too, and that maybe you will make something out of them that belongs to you, and not to me anymore.

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