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Maurizio's solo percussion act is an ongoing musical adventure in which his most personal and intimate relationship with percussion sounds is painstakingly interrogated, dissected, articulated and ultimately expressed.

Maurizio has been performing as a solo percussion artist in numerous venues and festivals around Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy since 2010, and in 2018 he released the album Nobody's Husband, Nobody's Dad, in his own words “the most eloquent synthesis to date of my lifelong love affair with percussion music”.

Watch a short presentation of the album here:

Maurizio Ravalico’s solo percussion performance is a captivating show visually as much as musically.


Entirely acoustic, with no playback devices, loops or electronic manipulations, Maurizio’s unique performance is a continuos unfolding of unearthly sounds, often generated by unexpected combinations of conventional instruments and found objects, both played using a mix of orthodox and extended techniques. Another character of Maurizio’s solo compositions lays in its persistent denial of metric recurrence, making for a performance which recalls the aesthetics of both contemporary and improvised music, despite it being neither strictly composed nor at all improvised.


Though often evocative of both the natural and the industrial soundscape, Maurizio’s music is never representational or descriptive, but is instead always concerned solely and explicitly on the inherent strength, meaningfulness and richness of the raw materials he employs in his performances.

Nobody's Husband, Nobody's Dad

The album Nobody's Husband, Nobody's Dad was released by the London label Funkiwala, and is available in most record shops worldwide. Buying it from Bandcamp however, means that all the money spent on the purchase goes directly to the artist.


Go to Maurizio's Bandcamp page:

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Maurizio's solo act is available for bookings at your festival, theatre, bar or living room. Send your enquiry to

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