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Maurizio Ravalico's new album
is out on October 30 2024

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Available on luxury matt finish three-fold packaged cd, download and streaming

Streaming is easy, Spotify is cheap, But listening to an album while savouring a good looking package with hands and eye, taking in the pictures that were created to accompany it while reading long and insightful liner notes has no match.

And, think of the majority of the money you've spent for such experience going to the artist, instead of up the arse of some CEO who hasn't written a good melody his entire life.
Be a good girl; Be a good boy. Don't be a shallow swimmer. Buy physical.

  • Bandcamp
Now you can purchase the score of some of the album's tracks, in pdf format.

Go to Maurizio Ravalico's more academically-oriented website THE NEW CONGA LAB, and head to the album's dedicated page from the main menu

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