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1 – There is not, in all medical literature, one seminal text stating and demonstrating that HIV is the direct cause of, or is indeed in any way related to, AIDS. This is the first premise of Peter Duesberg's denialist crusade, which you can read about on his own website and on the Wikipedia page dedicated to him. I remain very open to both opposing views of this issue and I welcome a conversation with whoever has further information about it.

2 – Your hair does not need shampoo; it is perfectly able to look after itself if you wash it daily with straight water. As soon as you stop bombarding your scalp with shampoo, your head will look and smell like a garbage dump for a month or two. This is because your hair has gone mad, and it is constantly producing natural fat without measure, just to have it completely wiped off with the next shampoo. If you can put up with it, after a short period your skin will find its natural balance, and start producing just the quantity of sebum needed to keep your hair healthy, strong and good looking. Shampoo is a con of planetary proportions. Use water. I've been going on for over thirty years, and so have many other people I know.

3 – Most washing-up liquids work as well if diluted one to ten with water. You will have to use a little more liquid, of course, but not ten times as much. This solution does not only wash as efficiently as the undiluted liquid, but by virtue of being less viscous it does also penetrate more efficiently into the sponge, and make each serving last much longer.

4 – If you can listen, in details, what everybody else is doing, you are playing at the right volume.

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