OUT ON MARCH 10th 2017

I'm delighted to announce that the second album of my Anglo-Berliner trio Fiium Shaarrk is finally scheduled for release. A labour of love gradually built over the course of four years; seven tracks recorded in different parts of Europe, each one in a different circumstance and each one with some story to tell. Few stories waiting to be told about the front cover too, and about the album's title.
Follow us on ours and my facebook page to see these stories progressively unveiled on the way to the album's release date; or give me a call and let me tell you those stories in front of a glass of something, if we're close enough for that. Or if we're not that close, make a brave step and get in touch with me anyway: I'd like to hear from you.

Preorders are open now on the Not Applicable label's Bandcamp page. Get yours now, and help us to continue making our strange, asymmetric, science-fiction music.
Preorders on Bandcamp:



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